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I'm Dan. I Built Snap Softball to Help Players Improve Faster.

I played six seasons of professional baseball as a pitcher. I own Warbird Academy in Normal Illinois, a sports performance facility.

It never made sense to me why so few softball players and coaches applied the techniques of baseball players to improve their own throwing speed and accuracy.

So, I got to work changing that. I have helped hundreds of girls increase their velocity between 2-10mph over an off-season. Most have had such poor instruction that it's easy to add 3-5 miles per hour in a few sessions. 

Download my free eBook - it will help you add a few miles per hour right away. It contains some of my best drills and tips.

Ways I Can Help You

I do a TON on the web to help softball and baseball players. Below are a few:

Become a remote client

I build custom strength and conditioning programs, as well as mentor young players through injury rehab. I only take on a few clients a year.

Listen to MY Podcast

My podcast is called Dear Baseball Gods, and though geared mostly toward baseball, I tell lots of stories with universal life-lessons. Listen in and learn a few things!


Check out DanBlewett.com if you'd like to learn more about what I do for players of all sports. I also own an academy in Normal, Illinois called Warbird Academy.

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