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I help softball players Improve their mindset And throwing skills.


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Doesn’t have the arm strength to make long throws across the diamond

Can barely hit the cutoff man from the outfield on long hits

Isn’t as accurate with throws across the diamond, and her confidence suffers

Is stuck playing first or second base when she wants to play elsewhere

Has tried lots of different drills but nothing so far has really worked

Can’t make tough plays because she can’t throw on the run

stop doing outdated drills that haven't worked.

Which old drills and concepts are holding you back?
Wasting time doing the wrong warm-ups and routines?
What's the modern way to throw a softball with speed & accuracy?

How can you learn the right drills and a clear plan for success?

softball throwing drills
DAN BLEWETT softball throwing

good coaching =
stronger throws =
more fun on the field

You need a plan that goes step-by-step from the ground up. There are no shortcuts - it's about consistent and high-quality practice using drills that fix bad habits over time.

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I can help you
teach your kids.

My strength is giving clear, easy-to-understand instruction and guidance. So you can teach it to the player in your life.

I was a two-time All-Star pro pitcher and the owner of a successful baseball and softball academy. 🚀 I will help you support your kids in their sports journey. Spend more quality time learning together!

improve softball throwing speed + accuracy + STRENGTH

A step-by-step course that teaches softball players how to improve their mechanics, using proven techniques & drills.

For beginners and advanced players. Make more plays, play more positions and have more fun on the softball field!

Improve strength, speed, agility & WARM UP routines

Need to improve the way your team warms up?
Want a speed and agility program to follow?
Or an arm care routine for strong throwing arms?

Pro-level pre-game routines for baseball and softball!

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Perform under pressure &
build mental toughness

Get proven strategies to help athletes build a strong mindset that will help them in sports and life.

Includes worksheets, videos, and tons of engaging stories - for athletes and teams of all ages!

the best softball-specific
workout program

Build strength, speed, arm strength and explosiveness specific to the demands of softball. Hit harder and run faster!

Comes with two levels of beginner and advanced versions for players with varying experience levels. Get started today!

1-on-1 mentorship

Are you a coach wanting to grow your skills so you can better help your players?

Or an athlete who needs guidance and accountability from someone who's been through it all?​

Apply now for my 1-on-1 coaching - let's work together to get you where you want to go.

a motivational speaker
your organization will love

Dan's college career ended in a major injury. But he refused to give up on his dreams of playing pro baseball.

Seven years later, he retired from pro baseball after six seasons, two All-Star selectionS and another major arm surgery. Today, he wows audiences with his story of perseverance and resilience.

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