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A Softball-Specific Online Workout Program

What You Get | Early Work Softball

Early Work is For Serious Players

Strength training is a major part of every ballplayer’s routine

If you’re not on a sport-specific program designed by softball experts, you’re wasting precious time.

Meet Your New Coaches

Andrew Sacks

Andrew is a former college baseball player and the owner of Prime Sports Performance in Baltimore, MD. He has over 11 years of experience in the training industry and has trained hundreds of youth, high school, college and pro athletes.

Dan Blewett

A former 2x All-Star pro pitcher, Dan is the author of two books, runs baseball and softball YouTube channels, and is the former owner of Warbird Baseball & Softball Academy. Dan has 10 years of experience as a pitching and strength coach.

Sample 4K Videos from the Program

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The Early Work Softball Program

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What You'll Get

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rookie program is for athletes who are 10-13 years old or have a training age of 0-2, meaning they’re new to strength training, with up to two years of experience. The Veteran program is for athletes with 2+ years of training experience AND who are over 14 years of age.

Extremely safe. We choose exercises that are:

  • Safe even when not performed perfectly
  • Very effective in build strength and explosiveness
  • Easy to learn and perform with typical gym equipment

We built our program to be as effective and yet safe as possible.

Absolutely. We have a team license for up to 20 players. Pricing per player is less than $13 per month – a bargain. This frees up your time to do more coaching and less worrying about programming their workouts.

Yes – Our family plan is $89/mo and is good for four members of the same immediate and extended family–this means cousins are welcome to join as well.

Nope. You can cancel and come back anytime. The program is month-to-month and though the most dedicated athletes train at least nine months out of the year, we know that other sports and downtime can make it impractical. We’re here when you need us.

Yes. We create the program to follow a typical calendar:

  • March-August: In-Season
  • August-November: Off-Season Early Phase
  • November-March: Off-season Late Phase

If your state or country has a different calendar–Arizona is an example–then contact us and we can see what we can do to accommodate you.

We’re here for you! If you have any trouble, you can do the following:

  • Email us
  • Message us in the private Instagram group
  • Request a free video call to talk through it

We’ll take care of any issues you have, so please–communicate with us and we’ll do the same.

Either will work. We built the program use basic equipment found at any local weight room or commercial gym. If you have dumbbells, benches and barbells at home, you can probably do it there as well. We provide links to a few inexpensive essentials– like bands–which greatly expand exercise variety in the program.

Each month we update the workout to change sets, reps and about half the exercises. This keeps your body challenged and keeps the gains coming. You’ll have to learn a few new exercises each update, but after a few months you’ll know most of them as they get rotated in and out.

Absolutely! We have arm care and knee care (very important for softball players) built into each workout, and also provide additional, dedicated “prehab” workouts for arms and knees. We want you to stay on the field!

Yes – say you have a daughter who plays softball, and two sons who play baseball – sign up for the family plan on either program (baseball or softball) and email us – we’ll send you licenses for the other program.

We give you 14 days on the free trial to try it out, get comfortable with our coaching and see if it fits your gym, life and goals. If it doesn’t, simply cancel before the 14 day trial period ends. No commitment.

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