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⚾️πŸ₯Ž Step-by Step Workout, Practice & Pregame Routines

Improve your consistency on the field by preparing exactly like the pros do.

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🚨 Is the softball player in your life inconsistent on the Field?

Amazing one day but helpless the next?

Are they failing to meet their potential?

🚫 Poor Preparation = πŸ“‰ inconsistent Performance

βœ… Prepare, Practice & Play Better

For ⚾️ Baseball AND πŸ₯Ž Softball Teams + Players


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100+ Video Explainers

Short demonstrations that teach you everything you need to know, in 4K-quality video, often in dual-angle (shown).

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Step-by-Step Routines

Everything laid out for you, broken down in a simple, step-by-step manner for players and teams of all ages.

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The Ways the Pros Do It

Everything in this program is the way Coach Dan learned from years in pro baseball and owning his own academy.

πŸ–₯ What's Inside The Pro Routines Package?

Throwing Progressions

Baseball and softball versions with throwing drills and videos. Short and long versions that will fit practices and more.

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Sprint Technique & Workouts

Full sprint technique program, arm swing progression, proper sprint form, plus workouts.


The Best Dynamic Warm Up

Dynamic warm up routines that get the body optimally prepared to play. Go beyond just the basics, to move better and perform better.

Starting & Relief Pitcher Templates

What should a pitcher do before entering a game? Get a down-to-the-minute layout of how the best pitchers prepare to pitch.

Daily Fielding Drill Routines

A routine of “dailies,” the daily drills all pros do, is included in the program for players to do before every practice and game.

Arm Care Program

Workouts for the throwing arm may help improve throwing velocity and reduce likelihood of injury.

Flexibility & Mobility Routine

Stretching and mobility program to help stiff players loosen up, move better and transfer more force on the diamond.

Baseball AND Softball Versions

There are separate versions of routines when the demands of each sport differ, including pitching and throwing progressions.

Agility & Cone Drill Program

Complete program of agility drills, designed to help ballplayers improve change of direction, body control and route efficiency.

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Sprint Arm Swing Progressions

Players have bad arm action when sprinting? We can fix that with this simple but effective arm swing progression.

Throwing Arm Warm Up

The best exercises to strengthen and prepare the arm for throwing. Reduce likelihood of injury and warm up faster.

Tennis Ball Fielding Routines

Learn basic and advanced skills for infielders and outfielders, while developing softer hands with this wall-ball routine.

Speed & Agility Program Included ($79 value)

Improve body control, change of direction and sprint route efficiency.

πŸ‘‰ Pre-made cone drill workouts - pick and choose to assemble great team workouts, or at-home workouts in your backyard.

Team Sprint Workouts + At-Home 8-wk Program

Progressions to improve baseball and softball-specific sprint form

Learn how to improve arm swing mechanics, body angle and much more - baseball and softball-specific sprint technique.


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Prepare better, play better

Consistency is What Matters Most.
Great Routines = Greater Consistency

Meet Your Coach

Dan Blewett

Dan Blewett

Coach Dan is a former pro baseball player who had to scrape and claw to get as far as he did.

He learned the hard way just how important preparation is, honing every aspect of his game to keep improving in pro baseball.

Dan owned his own baseball & softball academy in Illinois for nine years and saw firsthand the things most young athletes--and their families--struggle with. Mentally, baseball and softball are two of the toughest sports.

I'm Giving You ALL of My Routines.

🚫 Stop settling for inconsistent performance

βœ… Be mentally and physically ready to play from the first pitch

πŸŽ₯ Clearly-explained drills and concept

βœ… 32,000+ YouTube families trust me for baseball & softball advice

Dan has unique insight into the psychology of being a successful athlete, and his ability to relate the lessons he’s learned over his career to young athletes is second to none.

Everything a Coach or Player Needs

Follow & Learn, Step-by-Step:

Playing Your Best
Starts with Preparation

βœ… Great Routines last a lifetime
βœ… Improve Consistency & Performance
βœ… Warm up better and faster
πŸš€Tap into your full potential

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πŸ’» How Does The Format Work?

βœ… Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this program appropriate for?

All ages! There are shortened versions and longer, full versions for most routines, and players of any age will be able to use them just fine.

What if I need help?

I'm here for you, with speedy email support every step of the way. I want you to have a great experience, so I'm here to help.

How do I access all of the routines and videos?

The course works on desktop, tablets or mobile through your web browser - it's easy to access and watch. The interface is clean and easy to use.

Are the routines printable?

Of course - print them out and take them with you to the field.

What are your payment options - is it secure?

One single payment made by credit card. Stripe processes transactions, so everything is totally secure.

What Results Should You Expect?


Start Pro Routines Now

Prepare better, play better

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