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✅ Throwing, Fielding & Coaching Clinics

🥎 Throwing Skills

I teach girls how to throw harder, with better accuracy, with great mechanics. And, coaches learn how to apply it.

🥎 Fielding & Basics

Better throwing starts with the fielding skills, drills and game-situation awareness. My clinics work from the ground up.

🏆 Coaches' Clinics

Learn how to teach the mindset, skills and high-level details that help coaches make a huge impact.

Advanced softball skills
taught in a clear, understandable way

📣 What Others Are Saying

Coach Dan was great to work with. He tailored his program to the needs of my players. His ability to connect with them and bring their life experiences into the sessions really helped them understand and apply the concepts. Looking forward to this season and seeing them apply what they learned!
toni baldwin
Toni Baldwin
Softball Coach
I have worked with or watched Dan on four different occasions and am impressed with his ability to connect with an audience. Be it a clinic for players or coaches, Dan makes the difficult seem easy. As a former educator and coach, I know it's not easy to do, but Dan has a gift for it.
joe nemetz
Joe Nemetz
WASCO Baseball
Dan Blewett softball throwing clinics fastpitch

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