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Four Simple Ways Softball Players Can Throw Harder

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Nearly every softball player can throw harder if she works on a few common technique, strength, and mechanical flaws. Most players leave a lot of extra throwing velocity in the tank, but with a few drills, tips and hacks, we can change that. 

Softball Throwing Velocity Tip #1: Gain Ground To Your Target.

When players don’t use their legs to gain ground and build momentum to their target, a few bad things happen: 

  1. Their hips don’t fire as fast, which causes them to push the ball 
  2. They lose out on a free 1-3 mph just from momentum 
  3. They make a longer throw rather than a shorter one

Honestly, this one is really simple and you see all high-level infielders and outfielders do it: USE. YOUR. LEGS! But I don’t mean use your legs in the mechanical sense, rather in the sense that they should move your body toward the target.

Gain ground and a ton of good things will happen, one of which is gaining throwing velocity.

Softball Throwing Velocity Tip #2: Improve Your Rotator Cuff Strength

This exercise is called the sword pull, and it basically trains the follow through of the arm, by taking it through resistance in the opposite direction. This will help the arm decelerators get stronger, which in turn allows the accelerators to go faster. 

These are easy to perform with a Theraband or any other band – it can be secured on the bottom of a fence or on the leg/foot as shown in the video above. Perform 3 sets of 12-20 repetitions a few days per week.

Softball Throwing Velocity Tip #3: Use A Routine of Good Throwing Drills

Players need to get consistent, quality throws in every time they practice or have pregame. Part of a good pregame routine is having a few drills that both build good habits and prevent bad ones from creeping in.

The following is one of my favorite drills that can be used right away, and will help nearly any player throw harder and with more accuracy.

For more great drills, grab my free eBook, Ten Softball Throwing Mistakes  it has a ton more drills with explanations and a guide of how to use them.

Softball Throwing Velocity Tip #4: Finish the Throw With Intensity

Watch the player below – she is 15 in this video gets AFTER IT. No babying the ball, no fear of hurting the girl she might be throwing to, no fear of missing her target or making an overthrow. 

Obviously, she isn’t throwing to another person, but she’s developed the intensity to let the ball go and not be afraid. This is a skill that 90% of girls do NOT possess when I work with them for the first time.

Rather, they’re timid and lose throwing velocity simply because they don’t hit the gas hard enough and don’t finish their follow through.

Any Softball Player Can Learn to Throw Harder.

If you’re interested in throwing a softball harder, definitely¬†download my free eBook.

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I also offer an extensive online course on throwing that will teach you my complete system for throwing faster. It’s called¬†She’s Got a Cannon¬†and it’s an amazing step-by-step training course for players, parents and coaches.

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Good luck on the diamond! – Dan

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