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Mastering Outfield Throwing Mechanics in Softball

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Are you a softball player looking to improve your outfield throws? In this post, we’ll go over the outfield pro step footwork, which is a footwork technique for you to learn how throw a softball accurately from the outfield.

The outfield pro step is faster and easier than the crowhop, which is the traditional footwork used in outfield throws, that is now less favored at high levels. Once you get it down, it can be integrated seamlessly into your catch play routine. Whether you’re catching a fly ball or fielding a ground ball from the outfield, the pro step footwork will help you enhance your throwing skills.

The Outfield Pro Step Footwork: Basics

The outfield pro step footwork is a fundamental technique that forms the basis for strong, accurate throws from the outfield. It involves a series of coordinated steps that allow you to position your body for an optimal throw.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out the video below that demonstrates the pro step:

1. Throwing After Catching a Fly Ball

When catching a fly ball, you are already in an advantageous position to execute the outfield pro step footwork. Follow these steps: a. Begin with the ball at your center, anticipating the catch. b. Step behind with your non-throwing foot (right foot for right-handed players), aligning your chest for a good throwing position. c. Move your throwing foot (left foot for right-handed players) towards your target. d. Complete the throw with a forward motion, utilizing the momentum generated by the footwork.

2. Throwing After Fielding a Ground Ball

Fielding a ground ball while on the run requires additional steps but can still be executed quickly.

Step 1: Anticipate the ground ball and time your footwork accordingly.

outfield throwing mechanics fastpitch softball

Step 2: Field the ball with your glove positioned on the same side as your throwing hand (off to the side of your leg).

Step 3: Field the ball off your left leg (righties) or right leg (lefties)

Fielding ground balls off the side of your glove hand minimizes the risk of getting tangled up, leading to more accurate throws. Field the ball, bring it to your chest, take an extra step, step behind, and make the throw.

Finding the Balance Between Speed and Accuracy

Although getting rid of the ball quickly is crucial in outfield throws, it should not compromise accuracy.

Finding the right balance is essential to achieve consistent and precise throws. The outfield pro step footwork allows you to position your body optimally for an accurate throw. By practicing the footwork in your catch play routine, you can develop muscle memory and help make the footwork automatic.

Putting Your Outfield Throwing Mechanics into Practice

To master the outfield pro step footwork, make it a part of your regular catch play routine.

Every time you touch a softball, focus on the footwork technique. With consistent practice, you’ll improve your throws and build confidence in your abilities.

softball outfield throwing mechanics

By incorporating this footwork into your practice sessions, you can enhance both the speed and accuracy of your throws. Remember to maintain a balance between speed and precision to ensure effective outfield plays. So get out there, practice the outfield pro step footwork, and elevate your outfield throwing game in softball!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with the pro step, feel free to leave a comment below!

– Coach Dan

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