Softball Throwing Drills That Every Player Should Be Doing

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Softball throwing velocity is available for the taking IF you know what to do and how to do it. In this article, you’ll learn two of the best softball throwing drills that are both easy to perform and great for longterm throwing routines. 

Not All Throwing Drills are Created Equal

There are a LOT of old throwing drills in softball that just keep getting passed down from generation to generation. Few are challenging them, asking why we are doing this drill. 

In the baseball world, millions upon millions of dollars are being poured into helping young men throw faster. Why? Because there are million-dollar payouts for the best arms in the country every time the MLB draft rolls around. 20 million dollar pitching contracts are becoming the norm for average Big League pitchers. 

So, lets take some lessons from baseball, and use some of the best drills that are producing high-level throwers. 

High-Level Throwing Starts in the Pregame Routine

This drill, the Lawnmower Drill, helps create the proper joint angle in the elbow and the proper timing of the delivery, so that the hips sync up better with the arm. 

It’s one of the first drills you should be doing in a throwing progression, and I do it with nearly EVERY player I work with. 

Most softball players don’t retract (pinch) their shoulder blades well, which is an integral part of getting the arm to “hitch up” to the train of power made up by the core and hips. The lawnmower drill helps to teach the shoulder blade pinch and increase the use of the core and hips. 

The Lawnmower Throwing Drill for Softball

The Swing-Shuffle Drill 

This is one of my favorite long toss drills for softball players. It really encourages players to use the legs and helps them improve the action of their glove arm and front side. 

Many players have faulty arm swings and don’t stay closed well, so this drill is a big help with both of those items as well. It’s very smooth and is my go-to when players begin to get farther away from each other (at least 60ft away). Give it a try! 

Integrate these Softball Throwing Drills Into Your Pregame Routine.

Every throw counts! I cannot say this enough: EVERY. THROW. COUNTS. 

If you’re a player and you give away throws by not focusing on improving your mechanics with every single throw, other girls are catching up to you and passing you. Your routine of softball throwing drills is critical to your longterm goals.

And coaches, challenge yourself to answer the following question: 

Why am I giving these drills to my players?

Every drill must have a purpose, and the purpose should be easy to explain to anyone who asks. Most throwing routines do not pass this criteria.

Become a High-Level Thrower.

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Good luck on the field! – Dan

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