Perceived Velocity and How it Can Help Softball Pitchers

Softball fastpitch pitching strategies

Perceived velocity—also known as effective velocity—is a measure of how fast a pitch looks to a hitter, regardless of its actual speed. Learn how in fastpitch, pitchers can use this to their advantage to exploit weaknesses of softball hitters. 

Perceived velocity in softball is exactly that—how hard a pitch appears based on factors other than its actual velocity.

Pitchers can use this to their advantage by understanding a few simple truths: 

  1. Pitches inside are effectively faster
  2. Pitches away are effectively slower
  3. Pitches up are effectively faster
  4. Pitches down are effectively slower

Why Pitching Inside Makes Your Riseball Seem Faster

On an inside pitch, the hitter has to react quicker—given the same amount of time—to get her barrel far enough in front of the plate to make hard contact. If the barrel is too “deep” on the plate, she’ll get jammed. 

This is a little bit more involved than the “hard-in, soft-away” that most pitchers use when choosing sensible pitch sequences. Listen in below for more, as a written explanation doesn’t quite do this justice! 

Watch the Video Below for A Deeper Explanation

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Good luck this season! – Dan

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