Proper Arm Action For the Softball Throw

softball throwing velocity techniques

In softball, throwing quickly and accurately is extremely important. Having proper arm action sets the table for making strong, accurate throws. But, there are many myths and misconceptions on what exactly proper throwing mechanics look like. Let’s clear up some of the confusion, and see if we can improve your softball throwing velocity with just a few tips.

Softball Throwing Mechanics: The Arm Action

The arm action for softball players is very misunderstood. It does not need to be ultra-fast, nor should it be long, circular and super-slow. 

Rather, the arm action we’re looking for is short but powerful, with the hands breaking down as the shoulder blades pull back, which will pretty much get the arm where we want it. This is a great example of where simplicity yields the best result. 

Watch the video below as I explain more in-depth and show what a good softball arm action looks like. 

Need to Throw Harder?

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I also offer an extensive online course on throwing that will help any player gain miles per hour and accuracy on her throws. It’s called She’s Got a Cannon and it’s an amazing step-by-step resource for players, parents and coaches.

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Good luck this season! – Dan

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