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Fielding Drills to Improve Softball Throwing Velocity

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Any softball player can throw harder and more accurately IF she focuses on improving her foundational skills. And in throwing, good fielding technique comes before anything else. For a player to improve softball throwing velocity, fielding drills can often provide the first big boost. Let’s discuss how.

Technique #1: Funneling The Ball

“Funneling” refers to the action of absorbing a ground ball by immediately bringing it to the center of the body (the belly button) when it hits the glove. 

To throw with good velocity and accuracy, it’s important that the arm action  stays mostly constant throughout the throwing motion. Even though in softball the field is small and throws need to be quick, we still need to start from a consistent place, and this is going to be the center of the body. 

So, funneling brings the ball to the center, setting the stage for consistent arm action throughout the throwing motion.

Technique #2: Lining up the Ankles and Moving to the Target 

If you watch high-level infielders, they never charge the ball, then stop, then start going again. Rather, they gather themselves, create a route around and through the softball to automatically line their ankles up with their target upon fielding the ball. This accomplishing two things: 

  1. It produces momentum, and momentum is free velocity that is added to throwing speed. Produce 2mph of momentum to the target, and the throw gains 2mph. 
  2. It creates a faster release, because with the ankles already in line with the target, there are just two things left to do: stride and throw. 

Watch This Video to Learn Both Throwing & Fielding Techniques

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Good luck this season! – Dan

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