How to Throw Sidearm in Softball with Proper Mechanics

how to throw sidearm in softball

In this article you’ll learn how to make throws on the run, from various arm angles and directions of movement. Infielders in softball need to be able to charge the ball hard, field on the move and throw accurately on the run. The game is simply too fast to always set the feet and throw overhand. So today, watch the video below and read on to learn some of the finer points of throwing sidearm in softball.

How to Throw on the Run and Throw Sidearm in Softball

This is a crucial task required of all infielders, so learning how to throw sidearm is something that should be introduced early on when a player has decent overhand mechanics.

Things to Consider Before Devoting Time to Learning Sidearm Throwing Mechanics

Again, the following techniques are NOT appropriate for all players. Rather, establishing strong fundamental are important. If you’re not quite at a level where you can throw reasonably well in the field, then I’d suggest the following articles to get started there first:

If You’re Ready for More Advanced Throwing…

If you’ve got a good foundation then I’d suggest watching the video below. Here is a summary of major point:

  • The throwing shoulder blade must pull back all the way to get adequate power on a throw
  • The elbow angle must be less than 90 degrees to get adequate power on a throw
  • The ball and hand must stay within the throwing arm pec muscle (chest) before the arm begins to accelerate
  • Any arm angle can be appropriate–it will be determined by the speed, direction and target the player is throwing to.

Watch the video below for more detail on proper mechanics, considerations and examples of what good on-the-run sidearm throwing looks like.

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