How The Correct Grip Will Help You Throw a Softball Harder & Farther

how to grip a softball

The grip used by many softball players holds them back. In this article, you’ll learn how to grip a softball from both a basic and advanced perspective. You’ll also learn how players can throw more accurately with greater velocity and carry…just by applying better spin to the ball.

How to Grip a Softball: What We’ll Cover In This Video

Check out the video below, where I demonstrate and explain the proper softball grip. In this short video I discuss: 

  • The grip
  • Finger pressure
  • Finger gap distance
  • Spin – how it works and what we want 
  • What most girls struggle with 
  • What our goal is in applying good spin.

But! Do NOT Use the Wrist Flick Drill to Teach Spin. 

I discussed the softball wrist flick drill and why I think it’s not a good use of time. The wrist flick gives a player the feel for the center of the ball…but it does so while teaching an elbow position that absolutely destroys good throwing mechanics. Learn more in this article or by watching the video below. 

Want to Throw Farther, with Better Accuracy?

I have a lot of great free resources to help you improve your throwing. The best place to start is by downloading my free eBook below.

softball throwing exercises

I also offer an extensive online course on throwing that walks you through your own video analysis and drills.  She’s Got a Cannon is my course, and it’s the first of it’s kind.

softball throwing course

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