Pitching Inside: Strategy for Softball Pitchers

Pitching strategy in fastpitch

In fastpitch, softball pitchers need to employ good strategy in where the catcher sets up to maximize performance. Pitching inside in softball with the riseball can be an effective strategy, setting up offspeed pitches on the outer part of the plate. Learn more in this article.

Softball Pitching Strategy Tip: Pitch Inside!

Many pitchers, coaches and catchers believe that staying away from hitters is the best (and sometimes only way) to pitch effectively.

But, pitching inside is a weapon that should be employed consistently, and for two main reasons…

Reason 1: It Makes Pitching Away Even More Effective

Hitters will start to subtlely lean over the plate when pitchers don’t keep them honest and prove they can get called strikes inside. This leaning and looking away makes everything thrown out there less effective.

Reason #2: It’s Scary and Hard to Get Around On

Many weaker hitters do NOT want to be forced to be early on a pitcher, or to have to deviate from their game plan of driving the ball the other way. Pitching inside basically ruins everything they try to do.

Does Pitching Inside Work?

Watch the video below to learn more about how pitching inside can exploit the weaknesses of weaker hitters, and how inside versus outside locations complement each other.

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