Mental Training For Softball Players: Two Great Techniques to Try


Too many softball players suffer from a lack of confidence on the field, which affects their ability to play their best. Mental training for softball players should be a part of a weekly regimen to help build confidence and a one-play mindset. This will allow any player to reach her potential. Learn two techniques in this article that can be used team-wide or for the individual.

Why Mental Training?

We’ve all been there: up to the plate in an important situation, and the pressure is palpable. How is a player supposed to perform under these conditions, staying fluid, relaxed and in-control?

Well, it’s tough. 

A Fluid Mind is Key For All Athletes

The concept of a fluid mind, or a “mind like water” is crucial for producing consistently good performances on the field. What this means is that the mind isn’t stopping on any one thing, but rather living moment-to-moment and reacting to the present task at hand. 

What this means 

Athletes need to stay present. Being present means to not allow the mind to stay in the past (where all our failures and expectations live), nor in the future (where negative and positive consequences, expectations and pressure lives). If an athlete remains present, he or she can separate from the potential negatives that will accompany failure, as well as the things she wants to accomplish. 

One of the hardest things to do in sports is to not “try harder” when we see the trophy, the scholarship, the glory and spoils of victory right in front of us. These high-pressure, I’m so close type moments force an athletes motions to become less natural and forced as they try to finish it off and get the outcome they want. 

Softball Players Can’t Control Most Outcomes. 

Outcomes are very much beyond the control of softball players. Hit the ball hard? Sometimes it’s hit right at a fielder. Make a great pitch? Sometimes the hitter dinks a blooper into the outfield for a hit. Few outcomes are certain even when the right play is made, a good swing is put on the ball, and a great pitch is made. Softball is team sport with lots of chance and luck.

Softball players need to redirect focus on a number of things to be at their best, but we’ll cover two big ones today:

  1. Staying present 
  2. Not dwelling on outcomes by thinking in percentages

In the videos below, you’ll hear short, concise explanations of both of these critical concepts. Give them a watch and start changing your mindset today. 

Don’t Dwell on Outcomes By Thinking in Percentages

Maintain a Fluid Mind

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