EP22 – Why Mental Training is Overrated; Why the Show is Going on Hiatus


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In this episode, Dan explains why mental training isn’t quite the reason your daughter is struggling so much. And, the Good Advice podcast is going on Hiatus for a little while – learn why in this episode. Get email updates on when the show will return and stay up to date on Dan’s other content by joining his email list here.

To submit a question for the Good Questions Q&A segment, make a voice recording and email it to Dan at hello@danblewett.com. Want to support the show? Enroll in one of Coach Dan’s online throwing courses or his mental skills course. Use code GOODADVICE to save 20% on any course, just for being a listener. Sign up for Dan’s Email list and get his free throwing eBook, and follow up with him on the interwebs: YouTube Channel | Twitter | Snapsoftball.com

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