Fix Your Handbreak – A Key Softball Throwing Flaw Explained

Softball throwing mechanics mirror those of high-level baseball players. But a few key aspects–including how quickly a player has to get rid of the ball–has created confusion in what some coaches teach. Players often break their hands much too early, which negatively impacts the rest of the throwing motion. Learn how to fix it in this article. 

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How Hard Should a Softball Player Be Throwing?

Having a standard for any athlete or athletic endeavor is critical – it both sets and grounds expectations and helps produce buy-in. Goal-setting is often ineffective when there is no establish standard or criteria for whether a goal is attainable, reasonable, or even worthwhile.

In this short article, you’ll see an example of a very hard-throwing softball player with explanation of common velocities and the standard that should be set for young players. 

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Softball Throwing For Beginners: Infield Footwork

The crowhop is one of the most important but overlooked aspects of throwing mechanics for softball players. Beginner fielding technique and footwork is essential. Without good footwork, a player cannot use the hips and core correctly. In this article we’ll cover the basics for beginners; master good footwork and set the stage for better softball throwing mechanics. 

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Advanced Strike Zone Strategy for Fastpitch

Fastpitch softball pitchers are always looking for an edge, and one way to maximizing their effectiveness in the circle is by using margin for error to their advantage. In this article, you’ll learn how pitchers can chop up the plate and target different portions of it based on the count, to get ahead more often and move the ball away from the middle of the plate when it counts.

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Four Simple Ways Softball Players Can Throw Harder

Nearly every softball player can throw harder if she works on a few common technique, strength, and mechanical flaws. Most players leave a lot of extra throwing velocity in the tank, but with a few drills, tips and hacks, we can change that. 

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Improve Speed For Softball with These 3 Exercises

It’s a common goal for softball players to want to increase their speed. With the diamond being so small, every step counts and the off-season strength program can make a big impact. In this article, you’ll learn how to improve speed for softball using a few compound strength and conditioning exercises for the legs.

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